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Hey this is the person who is new to college and having a hard time. I know I need to focus on mental health and all that stuff but I'm really worried about grades. I'm having a hard time keeping up with my work and it's only second week and it's hard for me to get myself to do any of the work idk what to do about it

try taking your things with you to the library and sitting down there and working! it’s nice and quiet and it’s a good atmosphere for working. or, if your dorm has tutors, sit down with one of them and dig into your work! reward yourself for finishing your work by painting your nails or getting a snack! try lots of things and stick with whatever works!



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So I just started university and I'm depressed and it's a really hard adjustment for me and in having a really hard time getting myself to do any school work. Like I'm feeling miserable and hating myself a lot and idk what to do I've been recovered for over a year and I'm thinking about self harm again and I'm so nervous I'm gonna do terrible in school I just can't get myself to do anything I don't know what to do

oh goodness friend that’s completely understandable. it is a huge adjustment to make and it’s one that someone can’t be expected to make overnight. please try not to rush yourself during this transition. some things are going to take longer to get used to than others, and that’s okay. it’s okay to need to take this very slow and it’s okay to feel lost. self-harm may seem like a good coping mechanism now, but i think you’ll find that your university offers lots of resources and alternatives to things like that! most universities have free counselling centres for students, and there’s lots of activities on campus to check out too! try not to worry about school too much just yet. you’ll find university courses are a lot more low-maintenance than you’d think! 

i know it’s hard to get yourself to do things, but try your best to get out and talk to people - there’s a lot of first years who are also feeling lost and confused by things, and striking up a conversation with them can be the start of a wonderful friendship. try and get out to the events your uni has to offer!! they are great for unwinding and getting into the swing of things

i know it’s scary now but i promise things will be okay. just take it one step at a time and don’t rush yourself. i’m here anytime you need to talk, ok?


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